“Dr. Will Pepper remains on the cutting-edge of teaching the technological age to his students and evaluating those needs for his clients. His proactive solutions save time and revenue through technological change while everyone enjoys his incredible, interactive teaching style.” – Ellen Rolfes

“In today’s business world the easiest way for a young professional to differentiate themselves is to demonstrate their proficiency with business software. Thanks to Dr. Pepper’s class I was prepared for the challenges I faced during my internship which lead to a full-time job with a Big 4 accounting firm.” – Derek Burns

Recommendations Always Trump Certifications

Recommendations Always Trump Certifications

“Dr. Pepper taught his class using an interactive style that kept the class engaged in the topic of discussion. He challenged us to dig deeper into the material, allowing students to truly learn the subject.”  – Blake Biddy

“I thoroughly enjoyed your class and your approach to relating to us as students. We learned through a mix of multimedia videos, Excel tutorials, and class exercises. It kept the class interesting and you were always so willing to help outside of class as well.” – Brooke Hendrix

“Dr. Pepper was a very engaging and knowledgeable instructor. He made our class exciting by sharing relevant examples from his own personal experience. He was always well-prepared for lectures with organized material and great enthusiasm.” – Laura Barrier

“As a student, it was evident to me how much passion Dr. Pepper has for his work. He made the course interactive and enjoyable for everyone. It was a real pleasure to have taken him and I enjoyed getting to know him throughout the semester. His work ethic and dedication to his students and their success is a rare trait that I’m thankful to have been a part of. I highly recommend him as a professor for a valuable education.” – Reid P.

“Dr. Pepper was always prepared for class by giving a thorough lecture accompanied with interactive computer assignments. Most importantly, however, he showed a great interest in the challenges that students may be facing in the class and sought to accommodate those students in every way possible, whether it be adjusting his lecture or taking the time to assist them.” – Gann Duke

“Dr. Pepper’s teaching style is just like the soda, one of a kind. From creative ways to teach Excel to having an outgoing optimistic personality that made the class exciting, Dr. Pepper made class feel like it should.”  -Evan Swindall

From anonymous evaluations

“He had great knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject and took time outside of class to find the answers to questions he didn’t know.”

“Mr. Pepper is very interested in the material and makes students want to learn more about technology and the improvements.”

“Mr. Pepper was an amazing teacher; very enthusiastic and always incorporating different teaching techniques each day. Really enjoyed his class.”

Take this teacher!!!!!”