Post 9 – Pass The Password (Password Tips)

Post 9 – Pass The Password (Password Tips)

In the immortal words of Monty Python, And Now For Something Completely Different. Let’s talk about the random letters and numbers in the room: your passwords

Yes, the most common passwords are Password or 123456 or even just the Enter key. You’re a creative person. I know this because you’re reading my blog, and that means you get this gold star. To use basic passwords like above is below your creativity.

So, combine stuff. Imagine if your favorite actor played for your favorite sports team. I bet ”BrandoSaints” isn’t a common password. Or your favorite color and favorite curse word. Again, I bet blue(hey-you’re-the-one-with-the-dirty-mind-here) is a rare one as well.

Also, don’t use one password for everything. Your banking password shouldn’t be the same as your frozen yogurt rewards card. So, keep about 3 different ones out there.

Yes, change them every six months, when you change your smoke detectors (author’s note—check smoke detectors).

Until later.

Huzzah y’all!


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