Post 8 – Pop Goes the Window (Stopping Pop-Ups and Scripts)

Post 8 – Pop Goes the Window (Stopping Pop-Ups and Scripts)

(to skip past my witty stories, click here to download Adblock Plus)

Don’t you just hate when you’re reading something on the web and a Pop-Up window interrupts your flow? What’s worse is when you accidentally click on it and then you go to not just one but TEN websites you had no intention of visiting. Of course, you might find something awesome. More likely, you’re inconvenienced.

Using our search engine we scour them Internets for

“free pop-up blocker”

Our first hero software is Adblock Plus. This little add-on blocks malware domains, pop-ups, video-ads (even on social media) and blocks tracking. Awesome! With 300+ million downloads and great reviews on PC World, let’s download this sucker.

At under 1MB, this little guy is powerful for his size. After visiting my social media sites, those pesky ads ceased..and it didn’t even take a talking dog and his meddlesome friends to solve this mystery!

Until later

Huzzah y’all!


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