Post 7 – Spam-A-Blog (Spam Filter)

Post 7 – Spam-A-Blog (Spam Filter)

Share your knowledge with the world! I do. This blog’s readership varies from regional to international, and the comments keep coming in. Wait, that’s a lot of comments for one day and…crud. When you get 250+ comments a day on an old entry, it’s not praise; its’ Spam.

trackback-spam(To ignore my humor and just download the Akismet software, click here . Otherwise, enjoy!)

More than part of a balanced college student diet (along with ramen noodles), Spam’s that typo-ridden blog compliment stating “I luv yur riting…visit my sight 4 nude gurls!”


Thanks for the praise and offer, Free_Iphone_With_Credit_Card_Application223, but your mama didn’t name you that and you’re actually a robot. No, I don’t mean Sci-Fi I-Just-Realized-I-Don’t-Have-A-Belly-Button robot; you’re computer code.

So let’s kill some code. We need a Spam filter for our blog. Search engine to the rescue!

“What Free Spam Filter works for blogs”?

Since we blog in WordPress, we’ll try Aksimet. Kismet means “fate”, so they put an “a” in front of it and made it software. This wonder works through a combination of all participating blogs providing their comments, those comments run through a filter, and this blocks future Spam. It’s free for fun blogs; costs 5 bucks a month for those that get paid advertising. Also, they take donations.

Our 250+ compliments a day will be missed. However, my big ego gets by on its own, and genuine comments beat blanket ones any day.

Until later.

Huzzah y’all!


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