Post 10 – Shine a Little Light on Me (Online Tracking Results)

Post 10 – Shine a Little Light on Me (Tracking Those That Track You)

Have you ever wanted to shine a light right back at the companies that follow you on the web (you do know they follow you, right?)? If for no other reason than to satisfy your own curiosity, consider installing Light Beam, a free add-on to FireFox Mozilla.

Imagine you visit a website searching for a new pair of shoes. You click on five different pairs (same style). Next thing you know, the ads in the columns start showing other websites, other styles of shoes. This is a way the Internet markets your information.

Below is an image of how many groups tracked me when I visited 6 websites.

light beam of my mozilla

light beam of my mozilla

67 third-party sites gathered my data. 67! The number of sites that follow you right now exponentially explode your mind, if you think too long.

Light Beam allows you to cut off the searches, to an extent. I am unsure to what extent, but some added privacy never hurts. To automatically install, click here.


Until later.

Huzzah y’all!


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