Free Stuff

Here are links to things that help (and amuse) us.

  • A free Word Count tool
  • A free Spell Check tool
  • A free Character Counter (especially useful when preparing Tweets)
  • A free Metric Adjustor (such as Kilograms to Pounds, Milometers to Inches, Celsius to Fahrenheit, etc.)
  • A free Time Zone convertor (such as it is 8PM in Chicago…is it early or late to call Albania?)
  • A free list of every 2015 US observed federal holiday (hint…your bank will be closed and you will need something from them, so plan accordingly)
  • A bunch of free online 80’s video games
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  1. website says:

    I have a solid respect for your writing and advice.

  2. Billy Vito LaVenia says:

    What will be the very best computer virus remover?. My computer is slow as hell and freezes on me. Most with the time, I have to restart my computer. I think I could have a virus on my computer. What is the best software to remove the viruses of my computer?.

    • wapepper says:

      Billy, good question. As for free ones, I’m torn between AVG and Avast! I used to be AVG, but I like the newest interface of Avast! (Note – I am not endorsed by any software company and make my decisions for the benefit of the readership). Hope this helps!

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