FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) and PAQ’s (Probably Asked Questions)

What is Better Than Free?

Better Than Free is a Digital Literacy Initiative that is more than just saving money. It is about USE: Useful software, Safe software, and Exciting software. Never waste your time on software, whether you pay for it or get it for free, that is more trouble than it is worth. Life’s too short to waste on bad eggs…no matter how you dress them, they still stink up the fridge.

Is Free Software the solution to ALL my software needs?

No! It is an alternative. Most of the Fortune 1000 companies employ a mix-and-match strategy. No matter if they get the computer code for free or have to pay for it, they use software that they feel the most comfortable using. Some of these Free Software programs are amazing; some are dreadful. Just like pay software, use what works for you.

Will I learn new software quickly?

I am not a stalker, so I do not know how quickly you learn. However, most of the free software out there very closely resembles pay software. If you have never used a certain piece of software, why not try it out the free version first? While you cannot rush a good thing, it is going to be much easier to learn than you would believe.

Why are you only reviewing a Free Software?

It is the same one-word answer that is the reason Warren Buffett and Bill Gates have been successful: focus. Plus, it costs a lot of money to keep buying software to try it out for a blog. What am I, Scrooge McDuck?

Why do all of your reviews have a positive slant?

Because I am a positive guy. It is too easy to be negative. Now, if you wonder why all of these software packages have positive reviews, is because I do not post my negative reviews. I have privately reviewed more software than I have publicly discussed. That is intentional. Negative reviews from an expert in a particular field, while fully merited, can lead to lawsuits. That takes time away from doing what I love, so I am not going to post negative reviews. If you ask me about some random piece of software, whether I have reviewed it or have not reviewed it, my standard answer will be “I cannot recommend at this time.” You interpretation of that remark is up to you. However, I do not have enough hours in a day to review all the software for business that is out there. I am going to try…

Why do you end each post with “Huzzah y’all”?

Huzzah basically means hooray! Why shouldn’t I end a post with excitement? I’m excited! Maybe I can pump you up during your day. I first heard it when I was a teenager by the smart mouths of Mystery Science Theater 3000, in this very scene.

Do you get compensated by the companies you wrote about?

At the time of the blog was written, no. I wanted it to be a pure assessment of what was out there.

What’s up with your hair?

Ask God; I do.

Where can find a parking place?

I can’t tell you where you are currently parked, but when you eventually find your car, download the following for your type of phone.

IOS – Find My Car Smarter (free) http://findmycarsmarter.com/faq.html

Windows – Where Did I Park (free) http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/where-did-i-park/c7265d71-fd35-49d0-9252-e377128410ad

Android – Park Me Right

(Kinda free, for 10 uses)

To reserve parking LIKE A BOSS, here’s a free app that lets you do that. http://www.parkwhiz.com/help/